The Swingline Heavy Duty Hole Punch: A Flexible Office Solution

By gaming, February 24, 2019

One thing that is a common factor in any office setting is paperwork and paperwork needs to be organized. This may be in file folders, ring notebooks, or report covers. Regardless of the method of organization, one thing that is always needed is a hole punch.
There are many models of hole punches on the market, and most offices will typically opt for a heavy duty model to save time and efficiency. However, one common occurrence is that a business will typically find that they accumulate several different types of hole punches, one for each format of report they produce. Papers bound in a file folder may need a two hole punch. Those destined for a report need a three hole punch instead. While charts for an organizer or dayplanner need a 7 hole punch.
This can be aggravating; however, there are a few hole punch models that are adjustable to accommodate a range of punch formats and paper sizes. Swingline offers a hole punch that will meet this criteria.
The punch is manual, but it is more affordable than electric models with the same capacity and flexibility. It has the ability to punch up to 40 standard weight sheets with one pass. It is also extremely adjustable. It is initially configured as a standard three hole punch, however the stock model can be adjusted to two and four hold punches as well by adding or removing punches and adjusting the position. It can also be expanded to up to seven holes with the purchase of additional punches.
Some hole punches have a limited lifespan, which comes to an end when the punches wear out, break, or become dull. This is not true of the Swingline punch as replacement punches can be purchased, extending the life of the punch year after year. When considering that fact, along with its flexibility for a variety of formats, it is an excellent investment.

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