Police Supply – the items an officer needs to do his duty

By gaming, February 24, 2019

Clipboards, communication devices, gloves, forensic test kits, blood and alcohol testing kits and even whistles are all police supply items. Whilst an officer wouldn’t necessarily need all of the above kit he will need at least some of them at some point. In the main, they will carry with them the items they need to assist them in their duties. Much of the police supply items will be to keep the officer safe and comfortable whilst they are out on our streets. On average, a police officer will carry a minimum of 9kg of kit with them daily, and that as I say is just a minimum.

Protection of officers whilst they are on duty is paramount, which is why they have deterrents such as firearms and batons. Many states are looking at introducing tasers where they used to use pepper sprays as they feel it would offer higher protection to officers on duty. police supply items are not only necessary but play a vital role in the protection of our officers. Of course, a clipboard is not a protective item but it is still necessary to some officers as is all the items they carry. There is no single item that offers more protection than say a bulletproof vest, but that doesn’t make other police supply items any less necessary.

There are many police supply items, which are more tactical in nature such as vests and boots. Tactical police supply items often have very specific tasks to perform and are invaluable to officers in tense situations such as riots and crowd control incidents. Other tactical items would be lasers, which are used in target acquisition as they pinpoint a person or an area as a target. Night vision goggles are another police supply item that would have sounded almost James Bond in the past, but they are used on a regular basis in surveillance situations.

With the advent of the boom in online shopping there are many police supply stores springing up. What these do is offer specialist equipment, apparel and footwear to the hunting fraternity and the hobbyist. police supply items can be bought by anyone who wishes to use them. Many people are turning to these sites because of the prices (very inexpensive) and the quality of the goods supplied. A great pair of outdoor boots will provide cushioning comfort and high tech lining and outers, which mean they are ideal for those out in the elements in their free time.

So although police supply seems very specialist. It can actually be used by Joe public in many situations. If you do spend a lot of time in the great outdoors there are many police supply items that could be of use to you. You could fully equip yourself with inner wear, outerwear, sturdy boots, rifle sites and knives, which will give you the advantage when your out in the wilds. Other items can be used in say paintballing or shooting practice. Therefore, we can, if we choose, kit ourselves out from head to toe in police supply gear before we head out into the great outdoors.

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