PC Antispyware 2010

By gaming, May 7, 2018

To most people who are infected with PC Antispyware 2010 it is clear to them that it’s a fake security client but just so everyone else is clear on the matter I am here to say with 100% confidence that yes it is a fake security product.

This rouge security client will auto scan on startup and constantly hound you to purchase the product. All the scan results are bogus and lies. The reason for these types of applications are simple. To scam people out of their money. They are trying to trick and the user into purchasing the product by stating misleading facts.

Most people who are infected with this type of virus got it from either a fake torrent file or a fake video codec. Often times users are prompted to install video updates and the fraudulent people of the world are here to capitalize on this. They will say you need to install a video update or codec because of an error or because your player is too far out of date.

Another common type of infection is known as a drive by download. Let’s say you use a search engine to try and find something. Once you click on one of the search results you may be taken to a site that then tries to push software onto your computer. There are many different ways this can be done.
Some of the more common symptoms of this rouge application are the following

• Fake Scan Results
• High jacked Desktop Background
• Constant Virus Warnings
• Disables The Task Manager
• Pop-ups and Re-directs

We should point out that many people who are infected with this also have several other Trojans on their computer and they need to take action right away. Locating a good PC Antispyware 2010 removal guide is not all that hard. The problem for most is they lack the expertise to remove it themselves. That is why we do recommend either hiring a pro to remove this virus for you or purchasing a well known security application that can remove this threat and keep your computer protected in the first place.

For those that have above average computer skills you can defiantly remove this virus yourself by using many of the online removal guides written just for this virus. I should note that you will need to be comfortable editing registry keys yourself and you will still want to run a full virus and spyware scan of your computer when you are done just to make sure you did not missing anything.

For a detailed guide on removing this threat feel free to check out our virus removal site. We feature many virus removal guides on the most popular threats out there. As well if you are not sure what to do next and need an expert we do recommend this remote computer repair company.

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