5 Military Spouse Tuition Assistance Programs

Most of the military services have tuition assistance programs for active duty member spouses. While each program is different, they all have the same goal–providing financial aid so military member spouses can increase their career opportunities through education. One service-wide program supporting that goal is the Military Spouse Career Advancement Account (MyCAA). MyCAA Funded by […]

High school principal dies after school shooting

The son of a police detective shot two administrators at his high school on Wednesday (Jan.5,2011)  and one of them later died in hospital, authorities said. The 17-year-old student, Robert Butler, Jr., shot the principal and assistant principal, then left the school and killed himself in his car a few blocks away. Butler, who transferred […]

Establishing A Military Objective In Iraq

America invaded Iraq for national security purposes. The military objective was to eliminate the threat that Saddam Hussein presented to America with weapons of mass destruction ties to Al Quad and possible intentions to arm terrorists with these weapons in order to attack America on our own soil. These goals were within the capabilities of […]

Information Of Buy Kids Games Online

With the advent of technology, nothing remain out of the reach of consumers. This is the reason why market of games too have been flourishing all over the world. There are different types of games you can come across in the market. Now you can find games for kids a special preference has been given […]

Online Action Games For The Whole Family

There is a huge range of online action games that the whole family can enjoy that are not only free but have easy to follow instructions on techniques of fighting and shooting and so much more. Action games on the Internet have become so popular and fun to play, because of all of the different […]

Fishy And Taxi Games

You might have noticed that as online games go, you will find hundreds of themes and categories that you will find online. The most frequent games are the ones that involve puzzles and plenty of action but while those are standard, have you run across any taxi games? You might think that these taxi games […]

Take your pick of blackjack games at Kerching

We’ve taken a trio of our amazing blackjack games to try to discover just why they are so much fun. These three games are for anyone to play – expert or beginner – and present an amazingly realistic gameplay environment for this ever-popular card game. The point of the game, as always, is to get […]

Online Games Meant Especially For Girls

With online gaming gaining so much popularity through the years you will find that various games are being developed by companies to suit the tastes of everyone. Today there are online games that will appeal to people of all walks of life, so much so you will find that there are specific games for girls […]

Google Sniper Review

Visit Official Site Google Sniper   Brand new, revised and in many cases totally transformed for 2011… Google Sniping has never been so easy or so profitable. Theres been improvements to just about every area. ALL the step by step zero to six figure blueprint videos re-imagined, updated and re filmed for the new version […]

Rules for Surviving Army Basic Training

There are many men and women waiting to leave for Army Basic Training who spend their time going through catalogs looking at Blackhawk tactical gear or Fobus Holsters that were designed for the Israeli Security Services. There is no question that Blackhawk gear is some of the best military and security equipment on the market, […]