Reasons Why You Should Buy Military Surplus Clothing

Military surplus clothing is items deemed surplus to requirements by the government military forces such as the army and can provide a cheap but quality option when buying outdoor clothes. Clothing is often replaced when new lines are brought in, so surplus does not mean old or unfit for use. This type of clothing is […]

Dragon Ball Z games and its popularity

Dragon ball first appeared in the year 1984 as a Japanese manga series in a Japanese weekly. It instantly started climbing the ladder of popularity. The concept instantly became popular and started to spread throughout the world in different formats. It was not limited to Japanese language only. It was dubbed in many languages so […]

Fun Dress up Games for Kids

Dress-up is a fun childhood activity that can be done during playtime or even during birthday parties. Creating a game out of dress-up adds a bit of structure to this activity. Dress up games can be centered around a theme of a party, or simply created for a play date. Random Dress-Up The classic form […]

Lansdowne – A Mixture of Military Culture and Kumoani Traditions

A small tranquil town tucked in upper Himalayan region surrounded by tall oaks and blue pines, Lansdowne is a heavenly retreat to all those who wish to be close to be Mother Nature. Perched at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level, Lansdowne, India was initially established as a cantonment for Garwahl rifles by […]

All You Want to Know About Military Personal Loans

Military loans are for persons who are either retired or serving in the army. These loans are given at lower interest rates compared to the loans given to civilians. Military personal loans can be used to tackle any financial problem such as medical expenses, home renovation or car breakdown expenses. Military personnel serving outside the […]

Indoor Games For Kids When On Camp

There’s a certain time of the year when kids from all walks of life and all ages anticipate every year. That time of the year is not Christmas nor is it Halloween. It’s that time of the year when kids are let loose from the routine of school into a world all their own where […]

“Big Fish Games Toolbar” Bfg.dll Error – Fix It !

There is a very quick and easy way for you to fix a bfg.dll even if you have a limited comprehension of pcs. Unless they studied computer technology, most users don’t know that almost all of the problems they encounter can be traced to one main cause. Would you like to know how to repair […]

Playing the Mind Games to Get Your Ex Back – The Secret is Finally Revealed

Dealing with breakups can be quite frustrating, especially when you find that your Ex is least bothered about you, while you are desperate to get your Ex back. If you truly want to get your Ex back, you need to change your approach. What you need to realize is that no matter what happens, life […]

My Blue Star Brother in the Military National Guard

This is my personal interest piece on a very special person who happens to be my twin brother. He is in the Army military national guard. I am writing this, I guess, as sort of a way to deal with my worries and fears about his upcoming deployment. Before I go into that, a little […]

3 Tricks To Get Your Ex Back – How To Use Mind Games To Win Your Ex Back

Let me start off by saying that tricks to get your ex back should be used with extreme caution. Whilst I use the word tricks, the methods you are about to read are more psychological triggers to make your ex want you back super fast. There are many tricks to get your ex back that […]