Improve Your Game – How to Jump Higher in Basketball

By gaming, February 21, 2019

Rebounding, shooting and shot blocking are the basic basketball skills that dictate the game. Imagine dominating the board, shooting the ball above opponents with ease, intimidate them by shot blocking. The question is how to do this? How to jump higher in basketball? When you can answer how, you can benefit from the advantages of an improved game.

Here are some of the ways how to jump higher in basketball:

• Be physically fit:
The body will not achieve the highest vertical leap of its life if it’s not on its best condition. Jumping higher in basketball is directly proportional to your body’s overall physical condition. Take time to exercise, eat the right foods, tone and develop those muscles.

• Increase body stamina:
Basketball is a resistance game; you can expect lots of running and jumping. Do a lot of cardiovascular exercises to strengthen the heart and increase endurance.

• Benefit from exercise programs:
Exercises that are created to concentrate on the muscles used in jumping will really help how to jump higher in basketball. Choosing the right program for you is crucial. If you can afford to hire a trainer, do so. You can also combine a trainer’s expertise and jump programs to maximize your gain.

It is good to do these exercises with friends who share a common goal with you.

• Develop upper body muscles:
The way you shoot hoops is affected by your posture and balance. A balanced stance greatly improves how accurate you can be when landing those 3 points. During rebounds, your opponent may block and pre-empt your jump. Upper body control and strength will play a big part in these situations.

Weight lift to develop your upper body muscles! Charles Barkley only stands at 6’5″ give or take a few inches. Typically this height in the NBA is reserved for guards, yet Charles played forward. His leaping ability is remarkable, capable of grabbing rebounds and blocking shots and it can be attributed to his upper body strength.

• Stretch, stretch and stretch:
This cannot be over-emphasized. To avoid injuries, do some stretching before and after doing physical activities.

To answer the question on how to jump higher in basketball, there’s no hard and fast rule. It’s a series of activities you should be doing, a concoction of disciplined programs and routines that you should adhere to.

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