How to Swing a Golf Club the Right Way and Shoot Better Golf Scores Tomorrow!

By gaming, February 22, 2019

One of the most important things to golfers of all abilities is to learn how to shoot better golf scores and constantly improve their games. Golf is a game that requires some practice, and while their is no magic cure for an inconsistent golf swing, knowing the proper way to swing a golf club can greatly increase your practice productivity and lower your scores.

The first thing that you must do to improve your golf swing is to realize that tension kills. What I mean is that any tension in your hands, arms, or shoulders is going to cause an inconsistent strike and ball flight. Bobby Jones said that golfers should avoid tension at all costs, and those sentiments have been echoed by greats such as Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. So rule number 1 is to reduce and hopefully eliminate tension and be totally relaxed.

The first part of the golf swing that is very important is the takeaway. You want your hands, arms, and shoulders moving back in a one piece motion, it is important to keep them moving together without tension. At the hip high position the club should be parallel with your body and the toe of the club should be pointing to the sky. From here you simply complete your shoulder turn. A complete shoulder turn is essential to shoot better golf scores and play better.

The downswing should start with a slight turn of the hips. What this does is allow the club to swing down on the proper plane and angle. It is important not to get too steep with the club in the downswing, and is equally important to come down on the proper swing plane.

If you work on your backswing and work on turning your hips to the left to start your downswing then you will be well on your way to shooting better golf scores in no time!

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