How to Get Ex Back – Don?t Play Games

By gaming, April 3, 2019

When your ex has broken up with you and you want to get ex back, sometimes you will have resentful feelings towards them and you may want to try and play games to get ex back.  You must avoid this at all costs.  Playing games with your ex can make them not want to get back with you.  Who would want to be with a game player? 

The best way to get ex back is to avoid playing games and use the best known no games methods to attract your ex back. 

Have a no contact period with your ex.  Don’t try and call them all the time.  Don’t follow them.  Give your ex some space and let them have their own time.  Let them miss you!  After the no contact period give them a call just to let them know you are still there and thinking about them. 

If they have email, instead of emailing them about how much you miss them, as this will just annoy them, include them on a list of friends you have and send out funny emails.  This will show them you still have a sense of humour and that you class them as one of your friends.  They might appreciate the funny emails you send.  It will also keep your name in their inbox to remind them of you. 

Get out and about.  Don’t sit at home moping.  Surround yourself with people that you enjoy hanging out with and make sure you are happy within yourself.  Definitely make yourself available for your ex, but make sure that having a date with your ex is not the be all and end all in your life.  This will make you seem desperate and you don’t want to appear desperate, because this is not a desirable thing. 

Improve yourself.  Go to the gym, get healthy, get a haircut, take a course.  Think about the small things that irked your ex.  If you were untidy, then make an effort to become more tidy.  Self improvement can be a real turn on for your ex.  If they can see that you have taken care of yourself and improved yourself your ex may become curious and want to spend time with you to discover the new you. 

By applying these techniques and working on yourself rather than trying to play games with your ex, you will have more chance to get ex back.  Avoid the games and play fair.  Concentrate on yourself and when your ex sees that you are better within yourself, you may become desirable to them again and you may find you can get ex back.

My ex left me. I used some no games methods and We are now back together. If you really want your ex back and you would like to see what else I have done to get back together with my ex, then why not have a look at my website Get Ex Back. I created my website to help people just like you because I know exactly how it feels!

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