Final Fantasy 14 – Disciplines of War Mastery Guide

By gaming, April 5, 2019

The Five Disciples of The War

Final Fantasy 14 has already carved a special niche for itself in the exciting world of gaming where everyday new RPG games with excellent graphics options are being designed. The game has impressed all hardcore gamers with its graphics, the interesting concept, the gaming controls etc. Designed for various types of consoles, it supports multiplayer options and role playing games technology.

There is a function called the Disciples of War in this game. It contains five jobs which are different from one another depending upon the type of weapons which are being used. The five different jobs under the Disciples of War are Lancer, Gladiator, Marauder, Pugilist and Archer. They all contain different weapons which make the overall job. When a player attempts to switch a weapon, he also needs to change the class the character is currently present in and also the level to make the level appropriate for the weapon he is using now. But although the weapon can be changed easily it cannot be changed when the player is engaged in a battle.

The Pugilist is a type of job in the Disciples of War and it is basically also another term for Boxer. It implies that Pugilist is allowed to use their knuckles for fighting. The knuckles are used like claws. But to use knuckles, they must use a certain style of close range combat. They can also switch their stances depending upon the attack which is being made or to block and prevent the move.

The Lancer has a job of causing some mid-ranged physical damage. The job mainly has to concentrate on using the pole arms properly. There are some long poles which also have spears at the end. The position of the Lancer is the main thing which the player should remember. The Lancer can be easily used to destroy multiple enemies simultaneously. To execute this, he basically needs to position himself properly and then use the weapon very quickly.

The Gladiator is another job under the Disciple of War which is found in Final Fantasy 14. It is basically a tank type job used for close range fighting. The players are equipped with a shield and a sword. The weapon can be used by the gladiator to provoke his enemy. It can be used it to focus the hostility of the enemies and also to allow others to carry out the work of damaging without inflicting any serious harm.

The Archers’ job involves the necessary skills needed for archery. This job actually involves the use of bow and arrow. For this the player must make use of a long distance range for optimizing the damages. The type and degree of damage being inflicted also depends upon the type of arrow which is being used by the player. Suppose the status infliction arrows are used; they will always cause the enemy to have a very negative status if/when the arrow actually hits the target.

The Marauder is also another type of job under the Disciple of War. The weapon used here is actually a two handed axe which can be used to cause serious physical damage in the battle and blow up the enemy surrounding the player and the enemy in combat. They have to do a close quarter combat. They are not scared of coming close to their enemy to fight and win.

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