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By gaming, April 4, 2019

Mafia Wars is one of the top teams of today and every player is trying his or her best to reach the top of the game, to become the top mafia boss. I am one of them!

Now there is a website that claims to have the legal cheat code that will enable players to reach the top of the heap and dominate the entire mafia world. The website is Dominate Mafia Wars and it is not a membership site that would need you to pay monthly fees. (you can find the link at the bottom of this article)

The design of the website looks quite attractive and it has the capability to attract users. It has all the right elements. The important keywords are text links and there are a couple of videos and enough attractive images. The text has been highlighted and enhanced in size just at the right places. Testimonials have been put in the right places. The navigation is simple. One simply has to scroll down.

This website has the potential to attract the audience because it has interesting quotes and testimonials at the right place. The headlines complement the background color. Overall, the color combination looks good.

The content is focused. The sales pitch, which has been used throughout the site, doesn’t wear the readers out. Rather, the content makes the reader wanting for more. Various advantages of the product have been categorized properly. The content is written in simple language and anyone can follow what is being communicated. There is not much need of updating the content except when product updates happen.

The writing style is fluid and powerful. Without using jargons, the language has been made easy to comprehend and is completely focused on what the website wants to communicate. I read through the content from top to bottom and never had an issue with grammar or punctuation. Everything seems to be in place.

The effectiveness of the message? Well, it is worth mentioning that it is quite effective. Even I play Mafia Wars and this website had me hooked. I must say it is quite clear that the website is quite effective when it comes to targeting the right audience. I sincerely think that this website will not only be appealing to those who are Mafia War fans but will also manage to rope in new Mafia War players.

Jenson Fuller is well known among those who play this game. He certainly has the credentials to be the owner of this website, if you know what I mean. If he says that he has this magic formula that can take someone to the top of the Mafia Wars world, then I would certainly like to believe him.

Overall, I found this website to be an interesting read. The design is not overwhelming. The content looks well researched and in place. There are many similar websites like this one and I found some of them completely overbearing. Not this one though. I recommend you go through this website and then make the buying decision yourself.

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