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By gaming, August 20, 2018

“Pu Wan on the floor cracking Solid Wood Flooring Serious paint peeling off “in the 315 Time to consolidate the various complaints disputes can easily come to the floor: in many cases, the floor deformation, paint falling the most common events. This phenomenon largely caused by the wet, the event of a related case, we can first understand the causes of deformation and pre-measures, and through analysis of relevant issues related to the division of responsibilities derived rules.

Common cause of deformation can be divided into a variety of floor
General said the phenomenon occur more frequently in use is the floor tile was flaky or bagging, because the wet floor caused by wet floors because less of the following: air, water (such as apricot days); floor did not dry, with Cement Reinforced keel; keel, gross floor too wet, use water-based adhesives; floor, damp environment such as moisture does not make any special treatment; stony ground and the floor connecting the profile of Department for closed treatment; vesicles (such as broken water pipes, Balcony Water intrusion, etc), in addition, the product itself and can also cause bagging improper construction. For example, improper drying, and health deficiencies, moisture content is too low, back channel is too shallow, the construction does not leave enough expansion slot, such as laying too tight.

Difficult to avoid measures need to be a variety of wet
Now, the phenomenon in major cities is difficult to avoid the wet, especially in the spring. So consumers pavement floor deck units preceded please confirm whether the wet room source (indoor moisture sources generally could not for the new premises of the dry cement floor, bathroom and kitchen, new flooring Brick Water vapor leakage of cement, balcony doors and internal partitions Department or external leakage, villas and pre-drainage groundwater vapor intrusion, air conditioning pipes, water leakage under). And to take appropriate and effective isolation measures water vapor intrusion, isolation is a key part of the kitchen, bathroom, open-air terrace and deck floor room at the junction, must be Waterproof Good moisture isolation. Paving still have the windows open after a good ventilation, especially in the bottom, there is the East window of the room. National and industry standards are set for more than 70% humidity humidity and measures to be taken to avoid possible violations of water vapor. Flooring is natural material products, the use of some minor cracks, warping ( 1mm), color is normal. The small amount of floor noise, blasting paint or cracking paint, cracks are hardly avoidable. Difficult to distinguish between responsible parties

more attention needs National standards, pavement shall be within three days after the inspection, the owner is best to retain the floor intact samples of a packet, so please after the date of inspection quality supervision department, the quality can be capable of distinguishing between what is the floor or pavement quality problems, has paved the floor is not quality problem finds its own.

From the responsibilities and obligations, said moisture separation Project Implemented by the decorating company, if the floor is also decorated the company from the pavement, then the issue of future responsibility very clear. However, if the plant is responsible for paving the floor, then the factory should be confirmed to indoor moisture isolation are well paved, due also to remind the obligation to the contrary, it is best confirmed in writing. If disputes arise, the responsibility would be difficult to distinguish, ultimately, consumers suffer.

Different responsibilities of the main product quality, construction quality and product quality maintenance for ( Home improvement Works also as a reference). But here I must remind you that the quality problem of wood flooring, and sometimes not there at one stage, but often occur during use, so the floor will make the product quality, pavement quality, use and maintenance of quality and confusion, at this time after-sales service personnel must calm, cool, carefully observe the test, make careful judgments.

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