Commonwealth Games equal Major problems for Organisers

By gaming, February 23, 2019

Commonwealth Games equal Major problems for Organisers

With the Commonwealth Games fast approaching, India is required to get it’s act together in the event that it is going to convince the Western world that it’s a modern and energetic country.

The latest information that the bridge has collapsed within the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium and as well as worries relating to effective hygiene inside the athletes’ accommodation, the Commonwealth Games Federation will certainly be dealing with some kind of legal problems, the majority of that would strike hard at India’s irresponsibility with handling the actual structure involved with sports venues and development of the sports athletes residing quarters.

With the games fast approaching, senior officials in Delhi have reached back insisting that the main city will be fit and ready to host the Commonwealth Games.

A lot of these comments come following allegations associated with cutting-corners, corruption as well as security/safety worries. The comment also comes soon after international delegates have branded the sports athletes facilities including the actual athletes village as unclean, unhygienic and even ‘unfit for human inhabitation’.

With eleven days to go before the opening ceremony and with athletes arriving at this time (22/09/10) and tomorrow officials are questioning whether the actual Games will go ahead at all.

The main issues with the location consist of, toilets and plumbing are lacking, rubble littering the actual area, merely 18 of a set thirty four residential blocks are ready, the 330ft-long footbridge guiding to the Jawaharlal Nehru Ground was in fact still undergoing construction when it collapsed yesterday, the athletes’ training hub is still unfurnished with a great number of objects still needing to be fitted out and water inside the coaching swimming pools being dirty.

This hardly seems like a site that would be in a position to accept world class sports athletes as well as have one of the main sporting events of the yr.

To add to worries right now there have recently been important security alerts due to an attack at the weekend, when gunmen shot and hurt two tourists close to India’s largest mosque, the Jama Masjid in Delhi and at this point the Indian mujahedeen have threatened an assault on the Games.

All these situations follow warnings by the anti-corruption watchdog within the country, that sub standard concrete and metal appeared to be being employed as part associated with a fraud with regard to structures which meant the main organisers would certainly pocket a large amount of money for themselves.

Typically the CGF is going to undoubtedly would like to open an enquiry directly into this and discover just the reason why this took place. This will lead to much more worries for India because a legal circumstance will not be what they need. The CGF has not too long ago noted that solicitors will certainly be in touch with the planning committee and also workers, to see how these types ofissues have transpired.

Coming from a legal point of view it wouldn’t appear very good because the implications will be big. In the event that an athlete became sick via stagnant puddles or perhaps from unhygienic rooms consequently India could quite possibly have one of the largest legal circumstances directed in the direction of them.

Law firms have recently been drawn up in to be able to take note exactly what has and hasn’t been achieved, they are currently working beside Commonwealth as well as planning committee officials so if required they are able to give research that inexpensive materials had been or were not getting utilised.

Allegations are high in numbers and India will probably have to deal with these once the games are over. A huge legal team will have to look into exactly how the buildings collapsed and will have to query organisers and officials asking the reason why there wasn’t enough supervision going on.

Due to these recent events, numerous athletes have been persuaded to pull out which include 3 of England’s gold medal hopefuls within mins of each other. One being the English Commonwealth and World Champion, Phillips Idowu, informing on twitter: “Sorry people, but I have children to think about. My safety is more important to them than a medal.”

The majority of members of the Indian general public really feel as if their strengths haven’t been highlighted but the complete opposite has occurred and also that the country’s weaknesses have been exposed and openly shown because of to the problems and allegations confronting the organising committee.

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